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Slice of American Cheese
Super Happy Fun Time
Sunny Side Up
Peanut Butter and Jazz
Bangers and Mash
R.E.M. Mix
Double Sap
Beta Love
Rockin Robin
For Mom
Cowboy Pop
Making these CDs is iterative. I generally collect some of my favorite songs, throw em on a disc and leave em in the truck a few weeks. Noting how good or bad the segways are - songs that are just a flash in the pan (of which there are many). Usually I whittle and find a comfortable enough point to distribute. This one is rough. Real rough.

1 Visit this site The Strokes Last Night
2 Visit this site Local H All Right (Oh Yeah)
3 Visit this site System of a Down Chop Suey
4 Visit this site Apollo Four Forty Lost in Space
5 Visit this site Cake Meanwhile, Rick James
6 Visit this site Jude Rick James
7 Visit this site Madonna Don’t Tell Me
8   The Police and Henry Mancini Every Breath You Take / Peter Gunn
9 Visit this site Phish Bouncing Round the Room
10 Visit this site Blue Man Group
11 Visit this site Pixies The Happening
12 Visit this site They Might Be Giants Man It’s So Loud in Here
13 Visit this site Bob Mould The Receipt
14 Visit this site Gorillaz Clint Eastwood
15 Trainspotting Born Slippery
16 Visit this site Stone Roses Fool’s Gold
17 Visit this site Dandy Warhols Bohemian Like You

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