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Admittedly, R.E.M. makes some more upbeat music, but I have to admit - I think the mellower side of the group is preferred. The first CD I've made with just one artist, I've notions to try it again since it was relatively easy to do.

1 Visit this site R.E.M. Future 40’s (String of Pearls)
2   R.E.M. Why Not Smile
3 R.E.M. Pilgrimage
4   R.E.M. Fretless
5 R.E.M. You Are The Everything
6   R.E.M. Half a World Away
7 R.E.M. King of Birds
8   R.E.M. Daysleeper
9 R.E.M. Nightswimming
10   R.E.M. Perfect Circle
11 R.E.M. Swan Swan H
12   R.E.M. Country Feedback
13 R.E.M. The Wrong Child
14   R.E.M. Hairshirt
15 R.E.M. Injured Bird
16   R.E.M. Walk Unafraid
17 R.E.M. The Great Beyond
18   R.E.M. Fall On Me
19 R.E.M. Superman

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R.E.M. Mix
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