It started with crayons

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My youth is a bit gray right now, but I’m talking to people who knew me then to get a better grasp of the period.

I do remember art classes at the Art Academy on Saturdays. Afterwards I always wanted to go to the museum bookstore and get the next drawing book I could find.

Other than that, I remember lots of video games.


So many things began to change during my years at the New Richmond High School - the least of which was a growth spurt of about 5 inches.

This was a period of finding new interests such as music and culture. A summer exchange trip to Germany was momentous in shaping my world view, as was the introduction of the Macintosh computer. We were the first class to build the school newspaper with desktop publishing.

Since then I have not stopped clicking.


And I thought I was a grown up when I first stepped on the Ohio State University campus. Little did I know that I had much to learn at 18.

I was one of the lucky ones who knew what they wanted to do right away. My interest in words, type, image, and computers directed me straight to the design department. Well, after I found out the film department was shuttered (pardon the pun).

At first I wondered why we seldom used computers in the curriculum, but that changed over the course of my studies. By my last year the darkroom was being invaded by the computer lab.

It’s a durn fine program though, based on process and fundamentals. Lots of hard work, but I’d recommend it to anyone serious about visual communications. Visit their site.


My final year in industrial design led me to a quarter abroad in Switzerland. As a person who responds most to visual stimuli, I was pleasantly bombarded with uncluttered landscapes and extremely logical graphic design.

The school I attended in St. Gallen had just purchased two computers for the studio, but most of the work was done by hand.

I also did some marathon travelling and took the Eurorail to France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Rome. It went by in a blur - I think I need to go back...


Graduation from college. One day I’ll digitize my portfolio.
My first job out of college, and I had the opportunity to delve directly into multimedia. This was my real school of sorts. I learned more than ever in a very short period.


After a college and a few years of experience, I was ready to come home.

Joining with some friends, we started a company to venture out into the web. It was a most rewarding experience, even though I feared (still do) that one day the electricity might go out.

IDIO closed in 2005, and boy it was fun at times.


Originally this timeline was my entire site. And I haven’t updated it in a long, long time.

I’ll leave it here because I don’t like throwing things away. It’s a part of my history and growth. Maybe one day I’ll file it away better.

If you’re curious what I’m up to, visit photo album, or where I work - Wire & Twine.