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Slice of American Cheese
Super Happy Fun Time
Sunny Side Up
Peanut Butter and Jazz
Bangers and Mash
R.E.M. Mix
Double Sap
Beta Love
Rockin Robin
For Mom
Cowboy Pop

Special Guest DJ Tommy D cooks up this mix.

1 Kirk Van Houten Can I Borrow a Feeling
2 The Rentals Friends of P
3 Palaxy Tracks A Million Things to Do
4 Pedro the Lion Penetration
5 Swearing at Motorists Flying Pizza
6 Low Sunflower
7 Local H Lead Pipe Cinch
8 Silver Jews Death of an Heir of Sorrows
9 Sugar Helpless
10 Sebadoh Willing to Wait
11 Guided by Voices Bright Paper Werewolves
12 Kenny Rogers Daytime Friends
13 Noise Addict Boyfriendship
14 Yo La Tengo Cherry Chapstick
15 The Magnetic Fields A Chicken with its Head Cut Off
16 Bonnie Prince Billy A Dream of the Sea
17 Catlin Cary Sorry
18 The Hives Hate to Say I Told You So
19 Langely School Desperado
20 Imperial Teen The First

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