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Slice of American Cheese
Super Happy Fun Time
Sunny Side Up
Peanut Butter and Jazz
Bangers and Mash
R.E.M. Mix
Double Sap
Beta Love
Rockin Robin
For Mom
Cowboy Pop

I've gotten lots of compliments on this mix, which makes me think the other albums must suck. But I have to admit the blend of country and roots with some modern twists is entertainin' on most any day of the week.

It slides a little bit after a strong beginning, but I've always got an open ear to alt-country gems that would prove better replacements or on a Volume 2.

1 Visit this site Yodel (Raising Arizona)
2   Eric Weissberg, Steve Mandrell Dueling Banjos
3 Visit this site The Gourds Gin and Juice
4 Visit this site Dynamite Hack Boyz in the Hood
5 Visit this site Wilco Can’t Stand It
6 Visit this site Coldplay Yellow
7 Visit this site Jayhawks Blue
8 Visit this site Beta Band Dry the Rain
9 Traveling Wilburys The End of the Line
10 Visit this site Train Meet Virginia
11 Visit this site Semisonic Act Naturally
12 Visit this site David Byrne Don’t Fence Me In
13 Visit this site Phish Dog Faced Boy
14   Camper Van Beethoven All Her Favorite Fruit
15 The Rave Ups Positively Lost Me
16 Visit this site Travis Driftwood
17 Visit this site Violent Femmes Please Do Not Go

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