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hedwig and the angry inch

Every once in a while, you enter the theater with no expectations. Rocky Horror for the new generation, I read somewhere. Maybe a touch perhaps, I did leave a bit confused, excited and stunned, like the first time I saw Rocky Horror... But Hedwig is an entirely different beast.

Beneath all the lipstick and wigs here, it's a really touching, tragic and compelling story - set to life by a most excellent soundtrack.
  the muppet movie

I had this little keyboard and the Muppet Movie songbook right after I begged my parents to take me to the theater.

I plucked out the melodies and wanted to grow up and be a frog.
cover south park:
bigger, longer & uncut

Tasteless, raunchy, disturbing, crude, shoddy animation - but one helluva ride. The soundtrack is sidesplitting and the music is classic showtunes.

Pure Genius.

I'm not really a big Disney fan. Their "product" is generally harmless, so I went into the theater with a bit of trepidation for this one. I generally like Robin William's choices, so I was anxious to see what this was all about.

To my surprise, I walked out of the place grinnin' like a 10 year old. It had a little bit of computer animation to break up the tradtional cell shading, so that was another bonus.

The songs stand out as a hoot though.

I am a little embarassed to admit it, but c'mon - as a kid - this thing blew me away. No wonder it still, to this day, populates the top songs chosen for karaoke...

the rocky horror picture show

I think I saw this during high school. Midnight show, downtown Cincinnati. It was scary just to drive the 45 minutes and stand in line before the doors opened.

Then there were the fans, dressed up and singing along - talking to the screen. How did they know all this stuff? I wondered.

Truly bizarre.
sgt peppers loney hearts club band

No one seems to know about this movie. My parents bought it in the late seventies, and I wore the heck outta that movie.

The jist: the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton team up to bring The Beatles album of the same name to life.

It made no sense, but it was a colorful affair, and the music was simple and catchy enough to glue my eyes to the set.

Left field here, but technically it IS a musical.... A colorful one at that. One of the greatest all time musicals? Not by a long shot - but for sheer entertainment, it covered the bases quite well.

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