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I didn't much care for Nicolas Cage's choices, but he lucked out with this insane flick. Like the plastic bag scene in American Beauty - there are a few standout scenes that just sent chills, pondering love and the significance of orchids and flower structure. A comedy? Yeh. It is. A deep one at that.

harold and maude harold and maude

This ones in my top ten all time movies. I watched this over and over as a child and to this day I am fascinated by the messages built into this off color romance.

Cat Stevens soundtrack completes the washed out visuals.
blazing saddles
blazing saddles

Growing up in a fairly "white" town - it was shocking to see the humor poking fun at racism in this movie. It expanded my world view and at the same time made me laugh out loud.
royal tenenbaums the royal tenenbaums

I dunno if this is a comedy, it's a black comedy for sure. The pacing, camerawork, script and acting is phenomenal... and the soundtrack is a thing of beauty all unto itself.
airplane airplane

I still chuckle at this one.
pootie Pootie Tang

Every once in a while I find myself flipping through channels and whenever the rare occurance of Pootie Tang comes across the screen, I get sucked back in. This movie is bizarre, and hilarious.

ill sa yah pitty on deh runny kind.

1941 1941

For some reason, this Steven Spielberg film flopped. I have no idea why. Of course, I think I was 8 when I saw it...
army army of darkness

Gorey fun with a ton of over the top dialog.
beetlejuice beetlejuice

Brilliant visually. A comedy? I guess I would say, when an interior decorator looks for meaning at a wall and spray paints the word "MAUVE" across it - there's something funny goin on.
breakfast club the breakfast club

Sure it was all based on stereotypes, but bringing these disparate characters together and understanding the differences between people was a powerful message back in middle school. John Hughes should have stopped here.
heathers heathers

The sheer audacity of the dialog in this movie alone is worth the price of admission. It twisted how we latch on to catch phrases and exagerrated them.

Poor Winona was actually pretty good.
joe vs the volcano joe vs. the volcano

There's actually one line that made me want to mention this movie. Meg Ryan is sitting at dinner with Tom Hanks. She's a well-to-do angst chick trying to make conversation, she asks what he does...

I was an advertising librarian for a medical supply company.

Oh. I have no response to that.

johnny dangerously johnny dangerously

One of those silly romps filled with cameos and quick snappy dialog. Repeated viewings are required.
office space

This isn't a solid movie throughout - but the good parts are real darn good. The boss seems to bring every element of asshole corporate culture into one heckuva character that is easy to loathe and laugh at.
raising arizona raising arizona

He takes a plastic-covered squirt gun off a display rack and
drops it on the counter. He is looking around at the other
impulse purchases displayed by the register; he unhooks a bag of balloons.

". . .These blow up into funny shapes at all?"

The cashier replies. "Well no. Unless round is funny."
waiting for guffman waiting for guffman

Hmmm, this reminds me, Spinal Tap needs to be on this list. However, this film stands on its own documentary/parody legs and has some sidesplitting scenes.

when harry met sally (gulp)

I'm a sap I guess, but c'mon - who didn't relate in some way to the stories or the characters in this flick. Couple it with a nice change of pace for a soundtrack, and it stand out as one of those movies that is worth a repeat viewing.
the sting the sting

I sat as a kid and gaped at this one. Not sure why, but there's a real energy about this movie - kinda like a wink.

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