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Page created 10/4/04

Super Mario Bros.
(NES) This—this is where it started. I got it the day it came out and this is when my love for videogames truly was engrained. I felt like I had an arcade in my house. I started drawing Mario in Logo, then on and old mac programming each gridded pixel and then on the Amiga. I liken my current job to emulating those experiences.
Super Mario World
(SNES) Bigger, more complex, and an overworld map brought some nice additions to the 16 bit evolution of Mario. Not sure about the Yoshi's Island one though, with that crying baby.
Super Mario 64
(N64) Enter 3D. And not just any 3D, but smooth, sweet, camera-controlable 3D. One could say a drawback of this new direction was the re-usable levels with different tasks. Certianly it was a way to leverage the immense care in the map models, but otherwise, flawless.
Super Mario Sunshine
(GameCube) Sure it's the prettiest, but the whole notion of cleaning up grafitti just seemed too gimmicky. I'm sad that Mario's been languishing in GameBoy retreads of late. Seems like he only gets one big game for the new systems.
The Legend of Zelda
(NES) Who says videogames don't help kids? This one makes you read. And fight, and explore and and and... Super fun, who knows what happened in the followup. (Insert midi-like Zelda theme)
Zelda: Wind Walker
(GameCube) So I skipped the N64 variants on Link, but they really were superb. I, for one, got tingly when I started playing this one. The cell-shading made it seem like Dragons Lair done right. Then I got bored sailing all over the place. Got stuck. Then gave up. Still love it though.
(NES) I never finished it, but that didn't stop the entry into the world of Samus to eat up solid chunks of 1986.
Metroid Prime
This is better than Halo, graphically, features and maps. But it was also harder. I was scared when they took a platformer and made it first person, but it's risks like this that make me have faith in the big N.
(NES) Simple, sure, but also included the innovative level editor. Neato. Never did get the 64 version.
Hard to get screengrabs for the GameCube version of this game, that I compare to crack. Or, what I'd think crack would be like. Fast and addictive. And retro goodness buried within.
I never had a GameBoy when they came out. I played other's and thought the screen was crap. Blurry and gray. But Tetris, Tetris made me WANT to own one.
Mario Bros. Game Boy
A fine example of how the original GameBoy was just lame. This is thrown in just to round out the look of Mario over the years. They've got the SNES series successfully ported over to the GBA. All these acronyms. All the money spent over and over on the same game.
Kid Icarus
Jump, up, up, up. The platformer that went vertical. I really enjoyed this game. Dunno if this particular franchise can translate into the new-fangled world of 3D.
RC Pro Am
I hated PunchOut. This was fun like Qbert in that isometric kinda way.

All I have for now, until I get some screen shots of Donkey Kong Country, Paper Mario, Mario Kart and some others I may have forgotten. There's more though: