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The Fountainhead
Stranger in a Strange Land
McMillian Visual Dictionary
Elektra: Assassin
White Noise
The Electric KooAid Acid Test
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Where the Sidewalk Ends

the fountainhead

Ayn Rand
Whoa. As a teenager, finding this book was such a mind-bend from the usual Stephen King novels I devoured. This book changed the way I think about things, and supported some thoughts that I never could articulate. (Update: 20 years later I picked this up again and it was not good.)

stranger in a strange land

Robert Heinlein
My friend Nick said I should read this book. I never really got into science fiction - but I gave it a shot. It's one thing to talk about science, but another thing entirely to imagine a future without limits, or in this case - the way societywould possibly deal without limits.
macmillan visual dictionary

I decided not to limit myself with purely novels for this list - so therefore this book made it. As a reference, it's something I like to have on a nearby shelf. Imagine a dictionary of pictures and descriptions.
elektra: assassin

Bill Sienkiewicz
Graphic novels count too i suppose, and Bill Sienkiewicz changed the way I think about illustration.
white noise

Don Delillo
I used to hang out on the roof of the parking garage at school and I remember distinctly closing this book up there one day - and having an epiphany... That all this crazy stuff we feed into our heads, TV, news, gossip... it's really quite laughable.
the electric kool-aid acid test

Tom Wolfe
The ultimate road trip. I think it's envy that has made me like this book so much. Grab your best friends, and travel the country - mixing things up along the way and realizing that somethings just don't get figured out. There is no cut and dry ending - but the journey man, the journey...
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Ken Kesey
I saw this movie at perhaps too early an age, but I felt cheated that something wasn't being revealed on the screen. The book filled in all those gaps.
where the sidewalk ends

Shel Silverstein
As a kid, I marveled at this book of poetry and the others in the series. It wasn't always the easy stuff for kids to digest, but some pretty deep thoughts, fears and lots of tongue in cheek humor.

Shel's drawings captured wild emotion and imaginations with just pen and ink with simple lines.

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